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Carta Bianca #2 Équipe Tour Vagabonde + Jardin aux Betteraves

7 Gennaio 2023 | 18:00

La Tour Vagabonde non è solo una struttura itinerante, ma anche una squadra pazzesca che organizza ogni anno il “Jardin aux Betteraves” a Friborgo. Una stagione fino a sei mesi con bar, ristorazione e una programmazione che mescola teatro, circo contemporaneo e musica live. Per questi tre giorni, tutta l’équipe è a Lugano, portando con sé il loro universo artistico.

dalle 18:00 Shanti-shop
18:00 Los Gonzalos – Dale! [circus show]
21:30  My!Laïka (I-D-F) – Domoï – site-specific circus show
23:00 NÂR (LB-CH) – Industrial/hybrid Trance / Handcrafted & improvised live electronics

NÂR is a Swiss Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and singer based in Beirut.
In a constant metamorphosis, she works with various instruments, her voice and different objects she finds. Abrasive, hypnotic, NÂR’s lives are sonic experiments and improvisations built up from A to Z, often led by short sentences on repeat like mantras. Her music takes its roots in a very large spectrum of sounds, inspiration or genre such as middle eastern and north African trance, industrial, electronic and grime music. Lately playing with a set up essentially composed of clocks, carillons and other metallic objects, the musician is showing a new face with more radical directions and raw sounds. Text by the Swiss writer Dejan Gacond (translated in English) “echoing the last creation of the duo : The rise and fall of Icarus First steps into the unknown. Define the texture of the ground and the air capacity. Adapte the feet to test the balance of the body. Breathe. Take your time. Palpate. Go forwards. Backwards. Grope. Open your eyes. Close them. A picture is printed… fleeting… powerful… instinctive… Open your eyes, the image is gone….Close them, its back… Oscillating, a cloud of dazzling beauty… A dark sun with copper coloured contours staring at us, frontally… The XIX’s Arcana? The acceptance of the past in order to embrace what comes next and its relative reversion of perception… We slowly let go of the doubts floating over the reality of the experience, we begin to sense vibrations….forgotten temporality, amniotic reminiscence of prenatal rhythms……the picture is a creature. She moves. She fills the room. She is alive. The creature is a body. The body screams. The vibrations become music… Open your eyes….the picture fades away… close your eyes… the creature appears… The sound slips into movement. Sometimes we think to recognize words …. maybe Ginsberg?….But languages blend into each other, extremities extend, fold back… Bodies become entangled. A split vision of temporality? A stroboscopic perception of occurrences? Muybridge’s reality feeling? While everything is enhancing, the plexus is crossed by a constant energy flow, imagined and real landscape, fantasized or visited ones collide behind our closed eyes or against our wet corneas….how can you tell?” Dejan Gacond, Januar 2020

The Company My!Laika, by now having renounced – or postponed – the comprehension of the world, decides to go back to the incomprehensible to create their own phantasmagoric universe. Circus serves as an artistic medium that exposes the results without pretensions, exploiting the immediate and spontaneous reality that arise from risky and/or improvised scenic situations.
The side-specific play DOMOI is an anthology, a “best of”, created out of the My!Laika repertoir from Popcorn Machine, Dekalè, Laerte and the new show of the company, Full Out.
The protagonists of this show refuse the linear narration, searching inspiration in the places where they create, every location supplies the exhibition with aestheticandconceptual material. Their tridimensional collage invokes images that merge with sounds, distant persons, places, strange issues in a swirl of physical and musical acrobatics.
Laughter and shivers for public and artists that come together to live the My!Laikan chaos of emotions in an absurd circus show: Kunst-Cirque.

Los Gonzalos – Dale! [circus show]
Virtusosimo tecnico, dramma familiare e risate si mescolano in una performance delirante dal ritmo mozzafiato. I fratelli Gonzalos rapiscono il pubblico e lo trasportano in un mondo che loro stessi non conoscono, e li insieme si perdono. Dale! è un esempio neoreale di come è possibile divertire e commuovere il pubblico senza sapere il perché. Un finto flamenco fa da colonna sonora a questa esibizione, che più che autoironica sembra essere profondamente stupida come solo la realtà può a volte essere. “Hola! Buenas Noches companeros! Nosotros somos los hermanos Gonzalos!” e il delirio flamenco comincia. Los Gonzalos vorrebbero affrontare il clima tropicale brianzolo con la tenacia dei grandi esploratori del novecento…



7 Gennaio 2023
18:00 - 1:00
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