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17 Marzo 2023 | 22:30

“Sick Guitars And Terror Visions”? The acronym S.G.A.T.V. could stand for something worse, at least that’s how the content of Severin Beerli’s new synth punk project pretty much hits the coffin nail. On “Don’t Talk To Me” there is noise and banging in several directions, titles like “Pure Fucking Armageddon 2020” are just the beginning. The musician, who has been touring with bands such as Haile Selacid and The Solar Temple, plunges further into the depths of the Swiss underground scene. So it fits perfectly, this first EP appears on cassette.

When the magnetic tape gets tangled in the player, the songs of S.G.A.T.V. even more so, the single “Ghost” has already lured the Wave to the graveyard. Here drum machines and synthesizers jump over the bones, the vocals are more screaming and the exuberance is close to madness. It’s quite simple: Here you can get cool Rock’n’Roll with a snappy snout. “I Love The Ramones” transports the punk heroes into the crypt, “Thank You American Spirit (for killing me)” pours tinny guitars into the brew.

Finally, “Maybe You” finds a hint of romance in this electronically agitated punk, as S.G.A.T.V. never forgets sound and impact. “Don’t Talk To Me” has become an EP that thrives on dirt and lunges, but still doesn’t omit atmosphere and captivating charisma. Music that belongs in the basement, but penetrates far outside and tempts all creatures to move in the meadow in front of it. Gabba Gabba Hey!” ARTnoire mag.



17 Marzo 2023
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