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Michael Fehr & Rico Baumann

26 Marzo 2023 | 21:00

The music together with Rico Baumann delivers songs featuring Fehr’s raspy voice and alternates between driving percussion tracks and emotional ballads.


Michael Fehr was born in Berne in 1982, severely sight impaired from birth. He studied at the Swiss Institute of Literature and the Y Institute at the University of Applied Sciences of Arts in Berne. His first book «Kurz vor der Erlösung» was published in 2013 and reimagines the nativity story as it never has been before, following the author’s close examination of the Bible. «Simeliberg» first published in 2015 is the author’s second book, a gloomy crime novel, which was followed by 2017’s «Glanz und Schatten», a collection of tales on metamorphosis.
In 2016, his characteristic voice appeared on the album Bruxelles by Swiss composer Simon Ho featuring songs in French, English and German. With the release of the 2018 raw blues album Im Schwarm, which was based on his lyrics, Fehr pursued his own path in music. The album, on which he performs both as a singer and storyteller, was the result of a close collaboration with guitarist Manuel Troller. From 2020 Michael Fehr merges the ritual of storytelling with the spirituality of music in his project super light together with Swiss musician and producer Rico Baumann. The songs feature Fehr’s raspy voice and alternate between driving percussion tracks and emotional ballads.
Michael Fehr perceives himself as a narrator, tirelessly honing his unique art and presenting it in Switzerland and in many parts of the world. He performs on stage as a speaker, singer and musician and frequently collaborates with other artists for plays, films and ad campaigns. Fehr is also a lecturer and offers workshops on subjects such as communication, conversation and appearance, as well as storytelling and songwriting.


26 Marzo 2023
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