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Dirty Slips

10 Marzo 2023 | 22:30

Dirty Slips was founded in summer 2015. According to their background they quickly started to develop their very particular musical style which is quite popular but yet a subtle displacement from the norm. The fundament is built by the strong basslines by Mischa Robert, who plays a midified-neckless-bass and the very straight and simple groove-oriented drum-beats played by Michael Sauter. The use of additional electronic drumpads and the live played synthesized bass give a highly specific electronic touch to the band’s overall d.i.y. sound. While the guitar, played by Ramin Mosayebi, is not condammned to support the fundament all the time, but is free to create its own surprising soundscapes, it is the versatile voice and strong presence of Francesca Tappa that captures everyones imagination. Her strongly picturesque lyrics in different languages (french, german and english) are open to interpretation but are always oscillating at the edge of political and exigent questions. Surfing between the roughness and naiveness of the early punk-era and the precision and glamour of disco-music, Dirty Slips produce their peculiar and contemporary mix which is inviting everybody to move the body and to dance.



10 Marzo 2023
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