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Blind Butcher

10 Marzo 2023 | 21:30

If there is a God of style, they must be off on a break, because Blind Butcher aren’t holding back: anything works, as long as you are relaxed enough to try it. The Swiss duo composed of Christian Aregger (vocals, guitar, synth) and Roland Bucher (drums, bass pedals, vocals) have been refining the perfect blend of minimalistic yet technical, playful and danceable madness since 2010. It was with «Albino» in 2013 (Subversiv Records) that they pressed their wild mix of rock’n’roll, disco, new wave, punk, country and electronic music onto vinyl for the first time. Then came «Alawalawa» (2017, Voodoo Rhythm Records), their second album, where they took things a step further, showcasing their huge skills with tongue-twisters and their ability to write instant classics («Staubsaugerbaby» and «Hexentanzen»). The release also led to extensive European touring, forging the band’s reputation for wild live shows. In 2019, Blind Butcher released “Piss Me A Rainbow” via Irascible Records, an album inspired by none other than love, science fiction, eyebrows and neurodermatitis. And as the band never ceases to switch things up, for their fourth album, “Catch 22”, they are releasing a new song every 22nd of the month throughout 2022.



10 Marzo 2023
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